How it Works

Our goal is to deliver results, provide an exceptional return on investment, save our customers’ time and money, and to help our customers reach and surpass their business goals by partnering for success.

The Process

Our Management Team will assist you in setting up your account and managing your staff.   Whether you are a small business in need of an employee or a large corporation in need of an entire department, we can help facilitate your business outsourcing requirements.



Together, we will discuss and identify your business outsourcing requirements to determine the BPO package that best suits your business needs.  We will discuss specified skillset requirements for your staff, identify the number of employees needed, and outline any other special requests.



We recruit, test, screen, interview, verify, and hire qualified candidates on your behalf, saving you time, stress, and hassle in the recruitment process.  A five-layer interview process will be conducted to ensure that qualified and experienced candidates are selected.  After a rigorous set of interviews and testing requirements with our Management Team, we will endorse the best suitable candidate for your company.


Operating System Setup

We will assist your company with the setup of required computer systems, VOIP dedicated telephone numbers, specific software programs, networking requirements, remote access requirements, and other system operating requests to satisfy your business needs. Once the setup is complete, we will then test and ensure that all programs and systems are running smoothly.



Employee training will be conducted by your company to ensure that all of your business outsourcing requirements are met. Specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities will be outlined by your company during the training period with your dedicated staff. Training meetings can be completed online via GotoMeeting and Skype.


Go Live

Once all of the system testing and employee training have been completed, your offshore staff will be ready to go live! Your offshore workforce will now be ready to work during your specified time zone.


On-going Staff Management

Our on-site Management Team will ensure the productivity and efficiency of your offshore workforce. Our on-site managers will ensure that your staff is motivated and that they are working in a positive workplace environment. Rewards and incentives will be awarded to employees who demonstrate a high level of performance and customer service. Our management team is committed to assisting you and your staff when required.

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