Our Employees

We screen, test, and recruit highly skilled and educated employees in the Philippines who are fluent in English and have a strong business administration background.  Your company will be provided with a reliable and dedicated workforce that will work exclusively for your organization.

We understand that the success of our company relies on the performance of our employees. Our employees are the lifeblood of our organization.  Therefore, we place great importance on ensuring that our employees are happy and motivated.


Our employees are provided with an above average salary, comprehensive benefits, a professional and fun office environment, awards, incentives, recognition programs, career growth opportunities, team building events, employee birthday celebrations, coaching and mentoring programs, employee retention programs, and training and development courses.



Our Employee Standards:

College or university graduate

Excellent Fluency in English

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Advanced Word and PowerPoint, Excel)


Highly skilled and experienced


Results driven



Excellent written skills

High professionalism

High confidentiality standards and able to exercise good judgment

Proactivity and forward thinking

Ability to multi-task

Ability to be flexible and adaptable


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Tel: 1-800-356-5520
Fax: 1-800-311-4001
Email: info@tasknetwork.ca

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